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“Water Is Magic”

Your luxury spa is a great way to upgrade your home for a more comfortable therapeutic spa experience.

“Water Is Magic”

Your luxury spa is a great way to upgrade your home for a more comfortable therapeutic spa experience.


Never needing to leave home to have the most wonderful, invigorating and relaxing spa time.

At-home spas are becoming more and more popular among time-crunched, women and men. Luxury Spa provides high end spas as a cost-effective way to have a spa experience in your own home.

Spas can be installed in your home, lake house, hunting lodge, cabin, pool house, house boat, yacht or other areas.

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Luxury spas

are a perfect solution for:

  • Athletes & Teenagers – due to the therapeutic benefits that help manage pain and promote healing.
  • Tired young Moms
  • Construction workers
  • Multi-tasking men and women
  • Definitely teenagers
  • “Chair bound” people in the work place
  • Busy corporate executives
  • Anyone with an injury
  • Tired or sore muscles
  • Neuropathy
  • Reflexology
  • Children who are temporarily or permanently in a wheel chair, can now experience the pleasure & fun of “playing in water”, with toys and “Rubber Duckie”. The changing of Lights on the “Chromotherapy” has been not only a fascination but healing.
    Don’t forget our children. They LOVE water too!!


Relaxing in water is like magic

Why Choose Luxury Spa Of Tulsa

  • All of our luxury spas come with a 10-year guaranty on spas we have installed.
  • Our spas have the quickest drain in the industry (2 to 3 minutes)
  • Spas can be installed almost anywhere there is plumbing access.
  • Luxury Spa Of Tulsa ONLY makes spas, which means that our focus and attention is dedicated to delivering the best product in the industry to our customers.

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

I used my builder to install my spa tub when moving into my new home. What a mistake! They provided no written instructions, and no one to explain the workings and care of the product. I paid to have my original spa removed and bought a new spa from Luxury Spas. Luxury Spas stands behind their product and installation. They make sure you have your questions answered and that you have written instructions to assist you. In addition, the Luxury Spa does hydrotherapy and reflexology. The best part is that by using Dead Sea Salt there is no cleaning of the inside of the spa. Don’t burn your money like I did, start out with the best. You won’t be sorry.

-Suzanne B.


This is a great combination of a bathtub and a spa. I have heard it said that if you had this spa at 30 you would not be limping at 60. It is well constructed and efficiently produces a a great spa experience. After a few minutes you feel relaxed and energized. I highly recommend it.

-Gary M.


My husband and I were building a house this year when we heard about the Luxury Spa. After seeing it, we decided it was just what we needed! We both have back problems and I have joint and tendon issues. We both receive so much relief every time we use it! We like to call it the MIRACLE SPA! It was worth every penny!

– Deb M.


“I couldn’t be happier with my Luxury Spa. I had it installed mainly for my 93 year old Mother, but I enjoy it as much as she does. It’s so easy to use and it cleans itself.”

-Mary A.



I purchased my luxury spa one year ago. I am so pleased that I did. Wish I had done it years ago! I love to get in it in the evening, have my glass of wine and let the spa and wine take away all the stress from the day! I sleep much better after I have used the spa for 20 or so minutes. Every home should have one regardless of your age!

– Debbie M.




by creating the ultimate experience to promote better health and well being
Your body will thank you for years to come.

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